Specializing in Unique Gourmet Artisan Fruit Preserves & Whiskey Barrel Aged Michigan Maple Syrup

Thornburg and Company ~ Specializing in Gourmet Preserves


     At Thornburg and Company we offer an excellent selection of unique Artisan made preserves.  Our gourmet preserves are a true culinary delight. They can be used for so much more than just a breakfast staple, try pairing them with a cheese & cracker tray to dazzle your friends, or as a wonderful compliment to your favorite meat, fish or sandwich or better yet enhance your favorite dessert, it is simply amazing drizzled over ice cream or cheesecake!

     We cook our preserves in the true traditional Artisan manner.  We slow cook the fruits in a copper kettle, stir them by hand and watch closely over them as they cook.  We provide you with a truly handmade Artisan Preserve, one that is free of pectin or artificial preservatives and you in turn can feel good about what you are sharing with those you love. Our recipes are inspired by the vast selection of fruits grown right here in Michigan. We have a very nice and intriguing selection to choose from whether you are looking for a good old-fashion preserve like your Grandma used to make or if you are looking for a more sophisticated gourmet preserve. 

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Mission Statement:  To provide you with the highest quality products and ensure customer satisfaction. Our vision for us as we move forward is to continue to keep our status of "being small enough to be a true specialty item".


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