Traditionally made Artisan Preserves, Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup.....and more

Thornburg and Company

 ~Specializing in Artisan Made Preserves~

        Thornburg and company was established in 2011 in Southern Michigan by Master Chef Ryan Thornburg. It was created through Ryan’s passion for our regions vast supply of fruit and his vision of preserving those fruits in an Artisan manner that would enhance them into a culinary delight to share with others.  And along the way of his passion for preserving our fruits he compiled some other food delights to share with us as well.  Our Whiskey barrel aged pure Michigan maple syrup is simply amazing!

        Our Artisan made preserves are created in a traditional time honored cooking method.  The preserves are cooked in small batches by hand to ensure we produce a quality preserve, cooked in traditional copper kettles and stirred by hand while keeping a close eye on them from start to finish.  Most of our preserves contain no added pectin, the cooking process we use allows the fruits to develop their own naturally through this cooking process. The preserves may be a bit looser than what you are accustomed to but by allowing them to set up naturally also allows more of their true flavor to come through in the preserve.

        We also offer pure Michigan Maple Syrup we have it in two varieties, regular syrup and whiskey barrel aged syrup (WBA).  Our WBA syrup is stored in old whiskey barrels and during the aging process the syrup draws out the unique flavors that are hidden inside the walls of the whiskey barrel. This syrup has a unique flavor all its own and matched to none. We also have available, WBA Balsamic Vinegar, Wildflower Honey, Honey Almond and Walnut Maple granola.  We look forward to being able to carry on what Ryan had started here at Thornburg and Company in creating this great line of products and staying true to the quality that these products are known for. Just think of my family and I as the “and Company” in the name!        ~  Pam De Vries