Thornburg and Company, Specializing in Gourmet Preserves


     We are a small Artisan Food company nestled along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Holland, Michigan. We specialize in creating Artisan-made gourmet fruit preserves we have several tempting varieties to choose from. Our blends are inspired from the seasonal fruits that are grown here in Michigan but with a culinary twist.  Our preserves have a wide spectrum of uses way beyond breakfast! You can use them to help create a stunning cheese platter, a condiment on your favorite sandwich, a dessert embellishment, the perfect glaze over top of your favorite meat or back to breakfast you can stir it into your oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothie.


     Our Artisan preserves are always made in a traditional time-honored method. We cook them in small batches, stir them by hand & label them with pride.  We do not add any artificial preservatives or pectin so you can feel good about serving them to those you love. In addition to our preserves we also offer a Whiskey Barrel Aged Michigan Maple Syrup that is simply amazing! It is a true culinary delight with its smooth enticing flavor that is created during the aging process. As the syrup ages in old whiskey barrels it takes on a very unique flavor, it draws out the flavors left behind and hidden within the walls of the whiskey barrel.  Try it drizzled over your meat or veggies while grilling or as an ice cream topping, it's much too good to only use it on your pancakes!


Mission Statement:  To provide you with the highest quality products and ensure customer satisfaction. Our vision for us as we move forward is to continue to keep our status of "being small enough to be a true specialty item".