Artisan(arh-tun-zuh n) - Noun - a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.  



                                                        We take great pride in the producing a high-quality product!!







                                                                        Monte Cristo with Triple Berry Preserves

        Obviously you could use a few of our preserves for this as well.....Blueberry with Pinot Noir & Lavender,  oh so good!


                                                                            Look at this beautiful shortbread!

                                                                                               Triple Berry Delight Shortbread Tart   


               Isn't this gorgeous!  This will keep you warm on a cool evening ~ excellent to serve at a get together!!

                                                      Plum Cardamom Sangria



                           Add some jazz & spice to your Pork Chops!                         

                                  Grilled Indian Plum & Cardamom Pork Chops

Want an idea how to use our Heirloom Tomato Preserve?

Grilled Cheese Meat Monster Panini



Did you see Tommy on WZZM 13 talking about our Michigan-Made Preservesand Syrups?

               Tommy at WZZM 13

Did you catch us today on Fox 17? We did a segment that had touched on the upcoming holiday shopping season. 

               Fox 17 talking about the holidays ~ Nov 13th, 2016

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*Please don't forget to submit a review on any products you have purchased from us and share your favorite way of using it.  For example, what do you pair our preserves with?? A certain cheese, as a glaze over meat, over smothered over ice cream??  It would be awesome to hear your feedback ~ Thanks, Pam

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