Thornburg and Company

Artisan-made gourmet preserves and specialty foods. Holland, Michigan

Terms and Conditions; ordering policies, shipping time, content ownership

ORDERING POLICIES: Upon placing an order with us your payment is due immediately.  However, if you are not comfortable paying online we will gladly assist with your purchase by phone. Simply place your order and then send an email letting us know when is the most convenient time for us to call.  However, If we are unable to reach you to complete the order after 72 hours the order will be considered voided and will be cancelled. Upon receiving your completed order we will process, fill and ship your order in a timely manner.  If there is a hold up delaying your order in anyway we will contact you within 24 hours of you placing your order to communicate this to you. If there is any problems with your order upon its arrival please contact us immediately and we will work together to resolve any issues.  All orders placed must go to one address, if you want to order to multiple addresses it is best to place separate orders.  Any current shipping specials are valid on one shipping address only.

CONTENT OWNERSHIP: All content and/or photos on this website are the intellectual property of Thornburg and Company and cannot be reused without written consent by myself (Owner of Thornburg and Company).  With the exception of anything I (Thornburg and Company) have shared on a Social Network you can in turn share it on your Social Network but you must credit us for the content and/or photo shared. If you are a current registered retailer of ours you may use the content we have published on this website for the sole purpose of promoting our items for sale at your store or your online store but you must state us, Thornburg and Company in your listing.  For example, "Pear with Vanilla and Riesling Preserve from Thornburg and Company or made by Thornburg and Company" and then the products description.  If your listing doesn't comply with this we will ask you to edit it accordingly so it complies.  We will extend the same courtesy to our retailers, if you have shared our products on a social network setting I may use your posting to help promote that you are a retailer of ours and our products can be found in your store.  I will not copy and paste any of your logos and create my own listing.

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