Thornburg and Company

Artisan-made gourmet preserves and specialty foods. Holland, Michigan

Specialty Foods

Artisan-made gourmet preserves cooked in small batches

We are a small Artisan Food company nestled along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Holland, Michigan. We specialize in creating Artisan-made gourmet fruit preserves. and offer several tempting varieties to select from. Inspired by the fruits that grow here in Michigan each year.  

Enjoy them as a typical breakfast jam or stir them into a smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal .  A quick and easy appetizer, they pair very nicely with several cheeses. Use them as an ingredient the next time you are baking a dessert as a topping or as a filling.  They are even the perfect savory glaze smothered over meat or fish, stir some into your favorite barbeque sauce the next time you fire up the grill to liven it up!

Triple Berry Delight  and cream cheese smothered over a bagel.

Triple Berry Delight and cream cheese smothered over a bagel.

Our Mission

Thornburg and Company, high quality Gourmet foods.  Cooked by hand with love in small batches.

Mission Statement

To consistently offer you exceptional products and to provide you with an excellent level of customer service.

Achieving Excellent Products

Thornburg and Company is proud to offer you Artisan-made gourmet preserves cooked without using any artificial preservatives, we don't even add pectin.  We only use the pectin that is naturally found in the fruits that we use in our preserves.  We try to use local fruits whenever possible, we are always finding new local resources to collaborate with, we love supporting other small businesses here in Michigan like ourselves. 

Our vision for us as we move forward and continue to grow is to keep our status of "being small enough to still be a true specialty item".  


Artisan (arh-tun-zuh n) - Noun - a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.  

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