Thornburg and Company

Artisan-made gourmet preserves and specialty foods. Holland, Michigan

About us and our specialty food business.

Thornburg and Company, Stanley Plum with Green Cardamom. A sweet and savory gourmet preserve.

Our History

Thornburg and Company was originally established in Southwest Michigan during 2011 from the vision of a Chef.  The adventure began with Chef Thornburg combing his appreciation for the bountiful selection of Michigan fruits and his skills as a Master Chef he started cooking our amazing preserves.  After sharing them with his family and friends he was encouraged to sell them at some of the local farmers markets. As the excitement and demand for the preserves grew, he decided to start a small Michigan specialty food company. 

Big Red Lighthouse, Holland State Park, Holland Michigan.  Thornburg and Company, Holland residen

The Adventure Continues

In 2015 we relocated Thornburg and Company to our hometown, Holland, Michigan after we decided to start our big adventure of becoming the new faces and owners of Thornburg and Company.  We worked closely with the Chef, learning his techniques so we could continue to offer our customers the same high-quality preserves that they had grown to love .

We had always talked about finding something that we could do together, although we weren't quite sure what "that" was going to be.  We had worked side by side on a lot of home renovations, landscaping, and refinishing furniture, things along those lines.  But, to our surprise and our families, we decided our big adventure was going to be the new owners of a gourmet food company!  

Our wedding Jan 11, 2011. The new faces and owners of Thornburg and Company, Holland, Michigan

Our Present

If you would have asked us four years ago if we would of imagined ourselves making gourmet preserves for a living, we would have laughed at you!  Well, here we are doing just that and totally loving it!  Who knew that owning and operating a small specialty foods company would be so much fun.  We have gotten to travel and meet so many wonderful people over the past few years.

This opportunity just kind of fell into our laps, you know being in the "right place at the right time" kind of thing.  We were married in 2011 and when I learned that the company had also started in 2011 , I knew that had to be a sign for us to go for it!

Our family consists of four children and one grandbaby; one Son & Daughter-in-Law, two Daughters and a Granddaughter, supportive parents and three spoiled rotten dogs.

So now that you know the scoop, lets shop!